Getting More from Your Knowledge

Expertise, experience, wisdom and knowledge, your company has them, but how you utilize, share and accumulate them is what sets you apart from your competition. In today's volatile, 24 X 7, I need it now marketplace, having detailed, accurate, multi-discipline information at your fingertips is a necessity, and Knowledge Based Software is a proven technique to make it happen.

Knowledge Based Engineering

Knowledge Based Software is more then just a computer application; it is a methodology for capturing, applying, distributing, and accumulating your firm's expertise. Flat Bottom TankThe methodology begins by capturing knowledge in the form of rules, rules that a person applies every day to enable them to make informed decisions. It then applies these rules to reoccurring problems with a speed and consistency that only a computer can achieve, assisting the software operator in discovering the optimal solution.

The software, allows for easy distribution of the captured knowledge. As domain experts contribute knowledge, their wisdom is recorded by the application and played back to each operator as he or she utilizes the application. It is like having the domain expert sitting next to you as you work. Accumulating the contributions over time ensures that lessons learned in the past will not be forgotten.

For engineering and architectural firms this means, teams of employees are no longer saddled with the redundant design, evaluation and verification steps required during each optimization cycle. Turbine BladesThese tasks may now be linked together inside of the application to provide real time feedback on the performance, quality and certification requirements. The weeks or months of tedious and error-prone calculations and geometry creation of a design concept may be performed inside a Knowledge Based Engineering application and the results returned to the operator in only a matter of moments. This wealth of information frees the operator to focus on the interpretive challenges of balancing the design trade-offs to best meet the product's objectives, allowing a design team to optimize the entire system's performance within the time and cost constraints that are so critical in business today.

Realizing the Advantages

At Liberating Insight LLC, we specialize in the Knowledge Based Software methodology. Whether applying the technique to component design or assisting the sales force with real time product configuration feedback, you will realize improvements in productivity, quality, consistency, employee and customer satisfaction, and time to market. Our past successes include:

  • Reduction in the design cycle length from 6 hours to 2
  • 15% efficiency increase in product performance
  • Generation time of sales quote from 2 days to 20 minutes
  • Expanded certification test cases from 150 to over 5000 without increasing cycle time

Benefiting from Choice

KBE solutions can be implemented in all shapes and sizes utilizing simple Open Standards to highly specialized systems with embedded functionality covering CAD/CAM, FEM, Optimization, Distributed Computing, etc. That is why we continually take the time to stay abreast with the latest technology so that we can help you match the right software environment for your particular needs. Whether you need consulting services to identify candidate programs, recommend vendor products, or are looking for turn-key solutions, you may rest assured that you will receive the very best by utilizing our independent and non-bias services.