Our objective is to release the untapped potential of businesses. We accomplish this goal by providing complete technology solutions and expertise that span a company's entire Internet Technology needs. This comprehensive approach allows Liberating Insight to implement integrated, complementary solutions that combine the best of:

  • Software development and implementation
  • Web site design, marketing, and hosting
  • IT infrastructure support covering
    • Workstations
    • Servers
    • Networking hardware and security
    • Telecommunications
    • Mobile access and cloud computing

By combining these disciplines, Liberating Insight is able to see the complete picture, enabling us to optimize a business' productivity by utilizing technology to augment their existing processes.

Software Development

Our software development group focuses on developing custom and industry specific software applications dedicated to liberating one from redundant, time consuming, error-prone activities. In addition, our software solutions provide the feedback, analysis, and communication tools required to gain insight into the project which enable one to better support their customers.

Specializing in Knowledge Based Software design, our staff has the expertise to incorporate this time tested technique into any process. Knowledge Based software dvdsdevelopment is a programming style that captures and applies decision rules that people naturally employ when solving problems or making decisions. This incorporated knowledge enables the application to navigate the decision gates of a challenge and arrive at the proper solution.

Knowledge Based Software is therefore ideal for implementing solutions in a number of different areas such as:

  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Project Management
  • Sales Configurator / Engineering-to-Order
  • Product Design/Analysis Assistance
  • Multi-discipline Engineering/Manufacturing Solutions

An application may only be utilized by those who have access to it.Company Network We
concentrate on developing a web-based infrastructure for deploying software
solutions. As a result, our software application roll-outs are a simple, low-cost matter.

IT Services

Keeping a business' IT infrastructure operating at its peak is vital in today's business world. However maintaining a fully qualified support staff is extremely expensive and unnecessary for many businesses. That is why Liberating Insight has put together a staff of dedicated Internet Technology professionals, here to solve whatever challenge may present itself. Whether the need is simple "break/fix" support for computer hardware, networking implementation and trouble shooting, or proactive infrastructure monitoring we have the expertise on staff to meet those needs. With technology consultants certified on Windows and Macs we are able to support all your business infrastructure requirements.

Flexible Assistance

No two organizations have the exact same needs or capabilities, which is why we offer a versatile range of support options to assist you in maximizing your potential. Whether the need requires our:

  • Consulting services
  • Training staff
  • Cooperative assistance
  • Turn-key solutions

We are there to ensure that the application exceeds its expectations and enhances the processes it supports.